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Environmental Responsibility


Forestlands Environmental Management System (EMS) Policies

C - Continuously Improve

O - Obey the Law

P - Protect the Environment

At Domtar, every business decision is guided by our sustainability principles. We assess opportunities, consider the trade offs and manage risks while setting aspirational, yet attainable goals. We are proud to promote sustainable forestry practices and better manage natural resources. That's how we meet the demands of our evolving world. Its just our way of doing things.

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is at the heart of this strategy. Our EMS policies establish mandatory behaviors and expectations concerning the environment for all its employees, contractors and  overlapping license holders. Domtar Forestlands follows three core principles abbreviated as "COP".

These commit the Forestlands Team to legislative compliance, sustainable forest practices, forest stewardship, ensuring safe work practices, respecting First Nations and Treaty Rights, a commitment to independent third party forest certification, and continual improvement of the environmental performance.

General EMS Policies

Below are general EMS policies related to contractor training, auditing, compliance, safety and environment. If you are a contractor you will find detailed and operation specific policies within the Contractors Portal above.

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